The Project GivingThanks team is comprised of highschool students who come from different backgrounds, but all with the same mission to spread positivity in these difficult times!

Stanley Liu.JPG

Project Lead

Stanley Liu

Stanley is an extremely kind and energetic person! In his free time, he can frequently be found walking his Golden retriever, Jerry, or roaming around the grass fields playing soccer. As a boyscout, he loves the outdoors, backpacking, and the endless freedom of nature. He hopes to one day hike the entire Appalachian Mountain range.

Alan Zhao.jpg

Design Manager

Alan Zhao

Alan is a fun and chatty person. He does whatever he can to have a great time. In his free time, he browses the web to find S-tier manga. Also, he takes pride in being a track and field runner.


Design Manager

Anvitha Kosuri

Anvitha enjoys working with young kids and all things business-related! In her spare time, she loves to volunteer.

Alex Fang.JPG

Social Media Manager

Alex Fang

Alex is an avid runner and enjoys running half marathons for fun. He often makes puns, but is serious when it comes to discussions about politics.


Website Manager

Scott Phu

Scott is enjoys coding and all things economics related. In his free time, he frequently goes on long runs and is following the latest news of the S&P 500.


Website Manager

Jolene Huey

Jolene is an enthusiastic and cheerful person who is excited by the fascinating field of physics and its applications. She loves the families she has found in Arcadia High School’s Science Olympiad and Applied Engineering teams. To relax, she enjoys watching Korean or Chinese dramas and listening to music. She also finds solace in performing the violin, both solo and in a youth orchestra (her favorite musical period is the Romantic era)!

Elise Fong.jpeg

Design Manager

Elise Fong

Inside and outside of school, Elise is involved in a variety of organizations such as the Arcadia High School Marching Band and Girl Scouts. Her hobbies consist of portrait photography and volunteering. As a compassionate and positive person, Elise can be seen smiling from cheek to cheek most of the time.


Design Manager

Smriti Somasundaram

Smriti loves to draw and explore all forms of art. She enjoyed long walks with her dog, Chiku, and spending time with her friends.

Ashley Loh.JPG

Social Media Manager

Ashley Loh

Ashley enjoys baking, hanging out with friends, and taking photos with her camera during her free time. She is a USA junior olympic diver and loves taking risks! Ashley values people who are optimistic and kind-hearted. Her go-to refresher when she is feeling tired is a homemade matcha latte!


Website Manager

Sathvik Nallamalli

Sathvik is an extremely passionate and hard working person. In his free time, he loves to cook for his family and is involved in several school clubs. His favorite sport to watch is basketball, even though he can't play too well ;) He’s a hyperactive member of FBLA and an avid STEM student researcher.


Website Manager

Edward Ho

Edwards is an avid runner and enjoys learning about economics. In his spare time, he trades stocks and goes on long runs.


Public Outreach Manager

Shannon Au

Shannon may seem introverted at first glance, but she is actually very expressive and incredibly talkative around her friends. She spends her precious spare time searching for Korean dramas worthy of her time to watch and collects all types of calligraphy pens for bullet journaling. Being a competitive swimmer also came with a huge appetite, which explains the endless amount of daily snacks and stacks of stamped boba discount cards in her wallet.